Posted on: October 8, 2008 6:15 pm

Greatly unpleased and Disappointed!~

First off this week was disapointing, first things first, The Chicago Cubs were in the playoff's but then blew the series 0-3 agains the LA Dodgers, should have known that this was going to set the tone for the week to begin.  Second Kansas State Wildcats turn everything was going to be going good, tied it up and everything, until Texas Tech like John Mccain came in and caused everything to be an even bigger cluster fuck.  The final score was 58-28 but its odd that no one mentioned J. Freeman breaking Ell's record for most touchdowns.  Third Jacksonville's time for redemption to see if this was going to be a great week in sports well not by a long shot, they came in and lost to the Steelers 26-21.  Is it just me or is Garrad getting fat???  Must be the married life guess it will do that to ya.  K Finally getting excited and decided to check up on my WWE post, well, the main event was Jeff Hardy vs HHH for the WWE title, and no surprise I was rooting for Jeff Hardy because anyone that can take a spear off a 30 ft. height or backflip off a table is crazy and has my respect in my book, but anyway I wasn't surprised when the article said he lost.  Damn!!!  So I was 0-4 this week.  Like I said this week was a crazzzy bad diapointing week in sports hopefully next week will be better.  My San Jose Sharks are looking good, and maybe Miami can restore some of the Heat that is down in Floridia.  College basketball may bring out the fierceness of the Cats in that area and do some good, like I said there is always next week at least for right now, for the Sharks, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas State, and the San Jose Sharks!~  But in WWE its every week, and for the other sports and teams we can only hope!~  LAter my PEEps!~


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